Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interesting FACTS about our body

  • messages travel very fast along your nerves. the quickest go as fast as 400km/h!
  • people's brain come in different sizes. But bigger brains don't make people more clever - any more than having big feet makes them better runners.
  • when we were born, we had about 350 bones. But by the time we finish growing, we'll have just over 200!
  • our skin gets its colour from something called melanin. people with dark skin have more melanin than people with light skin.
  • our biggest muscles are the ones we sit on!
  • hiccup - 'hic' is air rushing in; ''cup' is the flap clamping down over your windpipe.
  • when we sneeze, air rushes down our nose at 160km/h!
  • when we were a baby, we had less than a litre blood - not quite enough to fill a milk carton. when we grow up, we'll have about five litres of blood - enough to fill a bucket!
  • our hearts grow with us - they get bigger as we do. what size you're now, your heart will be a bit bigger than your fist.
  • a blink lasts for about one-third of a second, we do it thousands of times a day.
  • the smallest bone in our body is in our ear. it is call a stirrup, and it is about 2mm from one end to the other.
  • it may take a day or two before something we've eaten finishes its journey through our body.
  • we breathe more slowly when we are asleep, and our heart beats less quickly.


mummYaeesh said...

hmanggaiii..jauh betul perjalanan mkanan kita sampai 2 ari...patutlah diorg singgah jd lomak!woohoo

linahilmin said...

lina - mummyyaeesh,
tang singgah jd lemak yg tak tahan tu! :p