Saturday, September 27, 2008


kepada semua sahabat handai, rakan-rakan cyber:
selamat menyambut HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, mohon maaf zahir batin & berhati-hati semasa perjalanan pulang ke kampung halaman...

ikhlas dari kami sekeluarga;
Fauzi Kayum, Azlina Hilmin, Adam Dzarif Fauzi & 'lil one' inside...

Friday, September 26, 2008

week 38 & hospital's bag

(orang lain bz citer2 pasal rendang, lemang, balik kampung.. kira citer pasal ni lak.. he he..)

Fetal development in pregnancy week 38:fetus in ninth month
As you know, you've arrived at the final leg of your pregnancy journey, and if you're still carrying your little love around, they've just about reached their birth weight (somewhere between 6 to 8 pounds is average depending on whether they're a boy or girl). There really isn't a lot to report on baby this week, so lets do a quick recount of where we're at: all internal organ systems are pretty much ready for the outside world, they've got their meconium stockpile building up (their first black baby poo), lots of healthy baby fat, a rapidly developing brain (that'll keep growing with them for years to come), and they've more or less reached official baby status-- all they need to do is "head out" and say hello to the rest of the world and especially their ready-to-pop momma.

And how's mom doing?
Hang in there momma, it's only a matter of time before the obnoxious and painful fake contractions you felt in your back, lower belly, and pelvic region will be replaced by real contractions... which are even more obnoxious and painful. You'll know when the real ones kick in because they're if you're feeling weird electrical tingles in your legs and inside your vagina, this would be none other than your not-so-little baby hitting various nerves as they settle into the pelvic area more intensely painful (woo!) and they spread over the entire uterus, through the lower back and into your pelvis.
If you're having trouble sleeping (which about 100% of women in this phase of pregnancy are), try to take little catnaps during the day, get one of those neato full-body pregnancy pillows, or at least lots of pillows that you can shove between your legs and under your belly to support your awkward shape more comfortably. Also, if you're feeling weird electrical tingles in your legs and inside your vagina, this would be none other than your not-so-little baby hitting various nerves as they settle into the pelvic area. If you're feeling sharp shooting pains instead of tingles, this would be your extra-evil-but-adorable baby pressing on your oh-so-very sensitive sciatic nerve. All we can recommend is some wincing, sitting down, and putting your feet up.

*at week of 38, baby can pop-out at anytime.. sebab taknak kelamkabut, i'm already packed my hospital bag. wanna know what's inside it.. let's check the list:-

-for mummy-
1. A washbag with your washing essentials and a hairbrush or comb (checked.. masa adam dulu bawak but tak guna pun, since hosp ada provide)
2. A dressing gown you'll feel comfortable walking around the halls in (last time pakai baju hosp je..)
3. Comfortable house shoes or slippers for when you want to go wandering the corridors & socks(checked.. my pink ipanema!)
4. A couple of towels (checked.. ni pun hosp bg free.. but should bawak gak..)
5. Plenty of pairs of old or disposable knickers and a couple of nursing bras if you're planning to breastfeed (checked!)
6. Several comfortable nightgowns - if you're breastfeeding then take ones that won't interfere with feeding after the birth i.e. open-fronted (again.. baju spital je..)
7. Plenty of breast pads
8. Suitable clothes to go home in, and remember, you're likely to look about five months pregnant after the birth, however disappointing that may be, so the pre-pregnancy clothes can stay in the wardrobe (checked!)
9. Earplugs if you're going to be on a ward or in a shared room (Insyaallah, i'll be in single room accompanied by my beloved hubby & son)
10. Sweets to suck on. Sugary or glucose sweets may be good for an energy buzz but they'll also make you more thirsty, so you might want to try a sugar-free variety
11. Herbal teas, fruit juices and mineral water if you prefer not to drink tap water (tot hosp bg mineral water daaa..)
12. Camera or anything else you want to record the birth or the time afterwards with that is allowed by the hospital (in my case hp's charger.. ada org nak bg present bersalin camera tak??!!)
13. Important numbers - e.g. check that either your or your partner's mobile has all the numbers for people you'll want to contact immediately after the birth

-for baby-

1. An infant car seat, some hospitals won't let you leave without one (nak riba je..)
2. One outfit for the trip home (all-in-one stretchy outfits are easiest) (i bring 6 sets.. semangat gitu!)
3. Two to three babygros and vests for baby to wear while you are in hospital. Some hospitals provide baby gowns for your baby to wear during his stay.
4. Baby blanket (a warm one if weather is cold)
5. Nappies (bawak 1 jumbo bag mamipoko's newborn.. malas la nak punggah2 amek few pcs!)
6. One pair of socks or booties (1 pair je.. ishhhh, i'll bring bout 6 sets of mitten & booties..)
7. Hat
8. Muslin squares
9. baby binder (in bm - barut.. ni pun bawak a few tau!)
10. towels
11. baby's oinment (minyak telon..)
12. breastpump & bottle (ialah, tak semua orang bertuah lepas bersalin terus ada milk supply kan..)

*semoga semuanya selamat.. amin!

Rakan COP

to all my dear friends from klang valley yg nak balik berhari raya dikampung halaman siler ambil langkah2 keselamatan yg sewajarnya... one of it is, u can either call / sms to RAKAN COP so they can at least melakukan rondaan at your area..

SMS: POLISKL (jarak) (alamat rumah) (jarak) (tarikh bercuti) kepada 32728

talian Rakan Cop Kuala Lumpur : 03-21159999.

ala, tak susah & takdelah mahal mana pun, just a normal telco service provider's charge.. ish, chat kat ch astro@15 boleh, download lagu2 boleh.. apa lah sangat untuk keselamatan rumah sendiri kan..

selamat bercuti!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

tagging game 2

this time i've been tagged by diana aka mama adam mukhriz
best ni tag about raya nyer preparation..

1. Berapa pasang baju raya anda taun ni dan kaler apekah?
none.. satu pun takde! betul, tak tipu.. dah sarat2 cenggini nak beli apanya.. so, pagi raya nanti pakai je la maternity dress modernmum yg baru dipakai 2 kali tu.. tengoklah, kalau sempat nak gak cari top kat dorothy perkins.. cari style yg lepas bersalin pun leh pakai lg.. conclusion nyer, this year baju baru just utk adam & adik yg bakal lahir.. kaler tema: coklat gelap

2. Apakah makanan raya tradisional kegemaran anda?
semua yg mummy saya masak.. tp paling suka makan lemang letak kuah kacang ngan rendang.. perghhhh!

3. Apakah biskut raya kegemaran anda?
tart nenas.. ni pun sebelum raya dah abis dua balang! suka gak kuih makmur / kuih arab... batang buruk pun layan.. biskut mazola pun masyuk gak! biskut yg moden2 tak berapa sangat la.. nak masukkan kerepek2 sekali boleh tak??? kita suka popiah simpul (dah abis tiga balang pun!!!), kepek bawang, kuih siput (dapat lak yg byk daun kari tu.. ermm), kuih sepit... sedap sedap!

4. Bape banyak duit raya anda dapat n spend untuk bagi kat bebudak?
normally hubby akan tukar bout rm500.. this year kurang sikit since tak balik kampung kan..

5. Apakah aktiviti malam raya korang?
normally, kalau kat taiping akan sibuk ngan my mum kat dapur.. temankan mummy rebus nasi impit, wat rendang.. jadi tukang rasa sampai bertambah2! susun2 biskut dalam balang kuih, lap2 segala cawan / gelas.. masak air gula byk2.. layan tv, selalunya ada live rancangan ala2 sampaikan gitu!

Who to tag?
not sure diaorang ni dah wat ke belum tag ni..

- babyelle aka mama wafi
- tigris malaya aka mama irfan
- ude
- rara

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

tagging game

i've been tagged by babyelle aka mamawafi :

The Rules : Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. Let then know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

how do i descrribe myself ya... ermmm;

1. penyayang
amat sangat! i loves most people around me.. families, hubby & my 'kids' & friends... sampai skrg i called my parents everyday without fail.. hubby & kids tak payah cakaplah.. always dulukan diaorang.. dgn all of my friends pun sama.., risau je kalau dengar diaorang ada prob ke, sakit ke..

2. workoholic
saya 'gila' kerja.. serious.. pernah keje 24-7 for 3 month without cuti.. ada rekod ditempat keje yg saya tak pernah apply for annual leave, apa lagi mc! but, after marriage hubby minta stay kat umah, jd housewife.. mula2 memang buntu, but bila dah ada adam, mmg worth tengok anak membesar depan mata..

3. suka membaca
i can read almost any reading materials! kalau newspaper, i'll make sure i read it from page 1 till sports news.. ye, including those berita saham, klassified... semua yg dlm newspaper lah! beli nasi lemak ke / apa2 yg dibungkus pun saya akan baca gak tulisan kat wrapper tu. novel tak yah citer, everymonth at least i'll bought 2 novels.. then 5-6 magazines lagi.. best.. best.. (kalau ada sesapa yg next time nk bg present, anda dah tau apa yg diberi.. he he..)

4. sensitive
byrite, lets call it super sensitive! tengok news bout orang2 susah ke, budak2 sakit ke, anak2 yatim ke, ibu tunggal, bapa tunggal, orang kat umah orang tua2 ke.. airmata mudah je mengalir. masalahnya, baca news yg orang lain happy pun (eg: orang susah tp anak2 berjaya masuk u.. keje besar..), pun sama gak! terharu je.. belum citer tengok tv/ drama / movies lagi.. baca novel.. ingat lagi watched this 'thai movie', "love letters".. (kalau x salah la..) kat one of astro channel, leh nanges2 cam nak pengsan! hubby kat sebelah dok gelakkan je.. iskk.. yg tahan tu, dah ulang tengok 3-4 kali pun still leh nanis lagi! pada lama yg tak nangis, baca lah novel ni, "lili buat najah - nazurah aishah" & "ps, i love u - cecelia ahern".. dah ulang berpuluh kali pun still nangis sampai basah2 bantal! my 'sensitivity' ni termasuklah suka merajuk (ngan hubby la..), tp i'm the one yg senang pujuk.. x yah berbouquet of flowers, present memahal pun... within few minutes dah leh senyum cam biasa..

5. tak suka haiwan
'tak suka' here doesn't means saya pembuli binatang ye.. tak pernah la dlm sejarah hidup saya sepak2 binatang! tak suka makananya, tak nak bela.. tak reti nak pegang2 kucing ke, rabbit ke, hamster ke.. apa2 sajalah.. setakat tengok je.. my lil adam suka binatang, tak takut pun nak main2 ngan cats, rabbit.. nampak sangat ikut daddy nyer!

6. friendly
peramah, senang berbual, mudah tersenyum... so, kalau jumpa silalah tegur! i can 'talk' to anyone.. tukang cuci, orang keje kedai makan, executives, ceo's, makcik pakcik... semua leh masuk! good pr skills, among my strongest point masa zaman nak cari kerja dulu2.. Alhamdulillah, saya amat mudah dapat keje.. tak pernah lah ngangur!

7. 'kerastangan'
yg ni memang tak skill.. plus x minat! tak reti / tak suka menjahit (ingat lg masa for 3 kena jahit beg utk subject KH, saya send it to tailor shop.. rm5 anty tu amik upah! he he...). tak pandai bab gubah2 bunga... tak pandai bab sulam-menyulam, tak pandai mengait.. sulam pangkah (cross-stich) pandai lah.. i bet that one semua org pun pandai! tak pandai tanam pokok! takde langsung 'green finger'.. org kata tanam pokok betik, senang je, main tabur2 pun leh tumbuh.. itupun saya tanam tak menjadi! haisssh!

yeay.. finally i made it!
i dont think i'll tag anyone since everybody is in their 'raya mood'.. but, if anyone happen to read this & feel like doing it, amatlah dialu2 kan...

Monday, September 22, 2008

pressie dr hubby..

about 3pm just now, i received this....

its a present from en suami tercinta... sebab kata nya, i love to cook & he simply love my cooking (and of course he loves me too!)..
memang dah lama teringin nk beli oven.. (kita takde oven, ada basic microvawe je...), tingin gak nak bake cakes, cuppies, lasagna, wat ayam golek2 ke.. alhamdulillah, dapat oven plus stove baru skali! syukur ngan rezeki Tuhan bagi..

abang, tq so much..
'lap u' sangat2!

so, dah ada new tools ni kena lah lg rajin masuk dapur, tak gitu!

menu's for iftar day 19 - 21...

day 19
ikan steam bercili (idea resepi dr old mag.. nyonya peranakan's cooking style..), sayur campur & ayam goreng

day 20
nasi minyak, kerabu mangga, udang goreng & dalca... sedapppp!!! ni kira hari rajin sedunia lah ni!

day 21
ikan masak tauchu, kobis+jagung muda masak lemak putih.. (4 ekor udang goreng from yesterday's.. tak bersentuh pun!) & hubby beli putu mayam (betulke spelling nyer???).. lama tak makan, best! ni lauk hari tak rajin... he he.. tp hubby kata sedap, agaknya sebab lama tak makan masak taucu.. wat lak pedas sket.. ermmmm..
ok, sampai jumpa lagi..
selamat berpuasa...


the king & prince of my heart...
love you both sooooo deeply..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

menu's for iftaar...

day 1
-buka puasa at my parents place in Taiping

day 2
-buka puasa at my MIL's place.. but, semua food ditapau dr pasar ramadhan kuala kangsar! masa ni kitaorg otw home from taiping.. so, stop bt at kk then makan kat umah mil kat sungai buluh.

day 3
sambal tumis ikan bilis petai, sup ayam & stir fried asparagus

day 4

sayur campur, ayam masak lemak cili api & daging masak kicap with shitake mushroom

day 5

nasi tomato, ayam masak merah & gulai udang

day 6
-tak ingat masak apa... lupa nk amik gambar! iskkkk...
(ingat, one of it is daging rebus cicah air asam... lain x ingat!)

day 7
kerang rebus, ikan siakap 3 rasa & sup daging

day 8
-pun sama... tak ingat daaaa....
(cuma ingat one of lauk is bergedil daging...)

day 9
-hubby bought kfc.. hari kita tak larat nak masak nih!

day 10

kari ayam & ikan keli goreng cili

day 11
siakap steam & ayam masak kicap

day 12
-lupa amik pic, cuma ingat ada kari kepala ikan...

day 13
- take away food from jusco..

day 14
take away food from syed bistro, puchong perdana
nasi bukhara briyani ayam... sedap sangat!!! rm10 per box.. dlm tu ada nasi (mesti lah kan!!!), 1pc telur rebus, kuah dalca & acar buah.. yummy!

day 15
masak lemak labu, kerabu apple hijau (saya amik resepinya dr fp kak liza memang sedap, berselera makan..) & salmon stir fry (salmon letak pinch of salt & pepper.. then, letak 2-3 tbs olive oil dalam fry pan.. dah siap.. sedap tau!)

day 16
(rendang ayam & sup sayur... ada pictures nyer dlm hp hubby.. nanti kita letak..)

day 17

sup ayam, ikan bilis goreng (letak juga bawang besar, lobak masin- dihiris, cili api, cili kering... semua digoreng berasingan & dicampur.. ) & sambal sardin. ada gak beli murtabak 2pcs dr syed bistro, tp kita tak suka... byk na bawang nyer!!!

day 18

nasi lemak, telur mata, ikan bilis goreng & daging sambal... hubby belikan pengat pisang sebab kita teringin sangat!

"mummy, which one look good on me?"

my lil adam busy choosing his new raya songkok / kopiah..

and, he endup with the kopiah.. from the last photo..
comel anak mummy!

salam ramadhan...


yeehaaa!!! ramadhan dah masuk into middle phase, kita baru nak wish "happy ramadhan".. but, pernah dengar tak.. 'better late than never'... tak gitu?

sorry, puan empunya blog ni amat lah tak larat nak mengupdate.. i'm now into 37th weeks, plus bulan puasa lak.. memang melelah kan.. but, insyaallah, within this few days i'll try to update.. so, ingat nak mula start with 'foods galore!' konon! cuma gambar 2-3 hidangan berbuka saya & suami tercinta.. so, tunggu k!

into 37th weeks...
at this stage, my darling baby (the one inside my biggie tummy), weighing at 3.3kg! alahai, membesar bagai johan! as my gynae said, if at 40th weeks, my lil girl more than 3.8kg, there's no other option than take her out by c-sect.. but, i'm still praying... harap2 dapat deliver by normal birth.. kalau boleh taknak caeser lagi.. sakit la! apapun, semuanya atas kuasa-NYA yg esa.. asalkan semuanya selamat.. saya amat bersyukur..

i googled on 'how to stimulate to normal birth'.. and this is what i get:-

1. Sex - It might be the last thing you feel like doing like now, but sex can help to get labour going in a couple of ways once your baby is at full term and you're ready for labour. Male sperm contains prostaglandin, the hormone that is naturally produced by the uterus lining to ripen the cervix and stimulate the uterus to contract. You don't need to have full sex to produce an effect, massage and masturbation (for the woman!) can also help because female orgasm releases oxytocin, another hormone that stimulates contractions.
In normal circumstances it's fine to have sex in the final stages of pregnancy, however, if you're suffering from certain pregnancy-related health conditions your doctor may advise abstinence. Once your waters have broken then you shouldn't have intercourse, as your baby is no longer protected from infection by the bag of waters.

2. Nipple stimulation - Stimulating the nipples in imitation of a baby's suckling action can release the hormone oxytocin, which, among other things, acts to stimulate the uterus to contract. Nipple stimulation may cause very strong contractions, and so some doctors and midwives prefer that you only undertake nipple stimulation with medical guidance.
A quick twiddle won't stimulate your nipples in the way your feeding baby would, to do that you need to stimulated the entire area of the areola with a massaging, rather than an pinching action. You'll ideally need to keep up the stimulation for about fifteen minutes and repeat at frequent intervals throughout the day. Your midwife will be able to advise you.
A relaxing bath or massage - A relaxing bath or massage using one or more essential oils that can act to relax you and/or stimulate the uterus (clary sage, jasmine and marjoram) may help. If you're overdue, it may be that some stress or anxiety is preventing you from going into labour, so at the very least a relaxing bath or massage should help clear any mental blocks to the start of labour, regardless of whether the oils help with contractions.

3. Acupuncture & reflexology - While scientific studies are thin on the ground, there's plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that acupuncture may help to kick-start labour once your body is ready. You can find out more by reading our article on acupuncture used for pain relief during labour, where you'll also find details for locating a qualified local practitioner.
Homeopathy - If there aren't any known medical complications, homeopathic remedies may help to address any fears or anxieties that may be holding up labour. The medical community in the UK is very divided in its view on homeopathy, but in some countries - such as Germany - it is very widely embraced by the medical community. Unless you have plenty of experience in self-prescribing it is probably best to consult a professional homeopath for effective treatment.

4. A good walk - Various forms of activity are often recommended to jump-start labour and walking is thought to work largely through gravity - your baby's head is encouraged downwards to exert pressure on the cervix and so prompt the release of prostaglandin. There's plenty of anecdotal evidence to support the suggestion that walking can help labour along, again, once your body and baby are ready. If you do go for a walk to encourage labour then be careful not to overdo it, if you're successful then you're going to need plenty of energy to get through labour and birth.

5. Spicy foods - This is one recommendation you'll probably hear frequently and one often recommended by midwives, despite there being no clear medical evidence to back it up. If eating a hot curry or similar does help to bring on labour it might do so by stimulating the gut and bowels, which can have a knock-on effect on the uterus. This is probably one to avoid, or to try with caution, if you've been suffering from heartburn in pregnancy, or if you're not used to hot foods.

5. Raspberry leaf tea - This is frequently recommended as a way of getting labour going, but in fact is more of a uterine tonic, acting to strengthen the uterus, to be used in the final weeks of pregnancy to prepare your uterus for labour, rather than a means of actually initiating labour itself.
Because raspberry leaf tea can help with contractions it's not recommended that you drink it before for the final trimester of your pregnancy, and many doctors recommend not drinking it before week 34. From week 34 onwards drinking a couple of cups a day can help prepare the womb for labour.

6. Castor oil - Castor oil is an old remedy for kick-starting labour, but it's a thoroughly unpleasant one. Usually made more palatable (but not much!) with the addition of orange juice, castor oil wreaks havoc on your insides, will most likely make you vomit and will certainly see you spend a large part of the day in the bathroom. It's probably the stimulation of the bowels (as with spicy food) that can have a knock-on effect on the uterus. Some women may find it effective, but we can't think of a less appealing way to start labour than choosing which is the most urgent funtion of the toilet bowl.

(for further details, read here..)

so, my dear friends... doakan saya k!