Friday, September 26, 2008

week 38 & hospital's bag

(orang lain bz citer2 pasal rendang, lemang, balik kampung.. kira citer pasal ni lak.. he he..)

Fetal development in pregnancy week 38:fetus in ninth month
As you know, you've arrived at the final leg of your pregnancy journey, and if you're still carrying your little love around, they've just about reached their birth weight (somewhere between 6 to 8 pounds is average depending on whether they're a boy or girl). There really isn't a lot to report on baby this week, so lets do a quick recount of where we're at: all internal organ systems are pretty much ready for the outside world, they've got their meconium stockpile building up (their first black baby poo), lots of healthy baby fat, a rapidly developing brain (that'll keep growing with them for years to come), and they've more or less reached official baby status-- all they need to do is "head out" and say hello to the rest of the world and especially their ready-to-pop momma.

And how's mom doing?
Hang in there momma, it's only a matter of time before the obnoxious and painful fake contractions you felt in your back, lower belly, and pelvic region will be replaced by real contractions... which are even more obnoxious and painful. You'll know when the real ones kick in because they're if you're feeling weird electrical tingles in your legs and inside your vagina, this would be none other than your not-so-little baby hitting various nerves as they settle into the pelvic area more intensely painful (woo!) and they spread over the entire uterus, through the lower back and into your pelvis.
If you're having trouble sleeping (which about 100% of women in this phase of pregnancy are), try to take little catnaps during the day, get one of those neato full-body pregnancy pillows, or at least lots of pillows that you can shove between your legs and under your belly to support your awkward shape more comfortably. Also, if you're feeling weird electrical tingles in your legs and inside your vagina, this would be none other than your not-so-little baby hitting various nerves as they settle into the pelvic area. If you're feeling sharp shooting pains instead of tingles, this would be your extra-evil-but-adorable baby pressing on your oh-so-very sensitive sciatic nerve. All we can recommend is some wincing, sitting down, and putting your feet up.

*at week of 38, baby can pop-out at anytime.. sebab taknak kelamkabut, i'm already packed my hospital bag. wanna know what's inside it.. let's check the list:-

-for mummy-
1. A washbag with your washing essentials and a hairbrush or comb (checked.. masa adam dulu bawak but tak guna pun, since hosp ada provide)
2. A dressing gown you'll feel comfortable walking around the halls in (last time pakai baju hosp je..)
3. Comfortable house shoes or slippers for when you want to go wandering the corridors & socks(checked.. my pink ipanema!)
4. A couple of towels (checked.. ni pun hosp bg free.. but should bawak gak..)
5. Plenty of pairs of old or disposable knickers and a couple of nursing bras if you're planning to breastfeed (checked!)
6. Several comfortable nightgowns - if you're breastfeeding then take ones that won't interfere with feeding after the birth i.e. open-fronted (again.. baju spital je..)
7. Plenty of breast pads
8. Suitable clothes to go home in, and remember, you're likely to look about five months pregnant after the birth, however disappointing that may be, so the pre-pregnancy clothes can stay in the wardrobe (checked!)
9. Earplugs if you're going to be on a ward or in a shared room (Insyaallah, i'll be in single room accompanied by my beloved hubby & son)
10. Sweets to suck on. Sugary or glucose sweets may be good for an energy buzz but they'll also make you more thirsty, so you might want to try a sugar-free variety
11. Herbal teas, fruit juices and mineral water if you prefer not to drink tap water (tot hosp bg mineral water daaa..)
12. Camera or anything else you want to record the birth or the time afterwards with that is allowed by the hospital (in my case hp's charger.. ada org nak bg present bersalin camera tak??!!)
13. Important numbers - e.g. check that either your or your partner's mobile has all the numbers for people you'll want to contact immediately after the birth

-for baby-

1. An infant car seat, some hospitals won't let you leave without one (nak riba je..)
2. One outfit for the trip home (all-in-one stretchy outfits are easiest) (i bring 6 sets.. semangat gitu!)
3. Two to three babygros and vests for baby to wear while you are in hospital. Some hospitals provide baby gowns for your baby to wear during his stay.
4. Baby blanket (a warm one if weather is cold)
5. Nappies (bawak 1 jumbo bag mamipoko's newborn.. malas la nak punggah2 amek few pcs!)
6. One pair of socks or booties (1 pair je.. ishhhh, i'll bring bout 6 sets of mitten & booties..)
7. Hat
8. Muslin squares
9. baby binder (in bm - barut.. ni pun bawak a few tau!)
10. towels
11. baby's oinment (minyak telon..)
12. breastpump & bottle (ialah, tak semua orang bertuah lepas bersalin terus ada milk supply kan..)

*semoga semuanya selamat.. amin!


Cyberwira said...

menurut firasat saya, akak akan terberanak pada 10 atau 11 October 2008...kalau ikutkan pengiraan dan firasat.. nampak gayanyer 11/oct/08... nak tau knp? sebab saya lahir 11 sept...kekekeke

linahilmin said...

lina to cyberwira:
pepandai ko cyber... sah2 mmg due akak ko ni 10/10.. tp andaikata tepat tekaan ko, ko lah yg kena bg present plg beso skali!