Wednesday, December 26, 2007

hoorey, hoorey.. its a holi.. holiday....

heyya peeps..
i'm going off to my hometown (taiping, perak) by this friday; couldn't wait! we'll stay over my parents house for about 5 days.. yeay! i'll update the interesting story from time to time ya..

for time being, here is what we're enjoying during our cristmas holiday.. went to alamanda, putrajaya.. no.. no more shopping (emm, accept for my darling hubby.. got himself a new pair of spectacles.. ! Pssttt, u look much younger & sporty with your new titus glasses, sayang!) then when of to MPH to get new book for adam.. he choose to buy 2 barney's books. he's so happy when he found it for the first time, he grab it from the rack, sit on the floor and start to flip it! how smart mummy's boy! for myself, i got this.. a novel... its "me & mr darcy-by alexandra potter", just finish chapter 5; and i found it not bad, quite funny.. will review it when i finish reading, kay..

adam with his new barney's book, cam org tengah fikir exam question, kan..
till then.., take care.. ta taa...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

selamat hari raya Aidiladha

lembu ni lah wat akiqah (2 bahagian) utk Adam Dzarif

selamat hari raya haji to all, selamat melakukan ibadah korban..

for the first time, this raya haji i'll celebrate it here.. in my house.. sedih gak! but nak wat mcmmn kan, my the other half tak dapat cuti.. so, berkorban. so, my MIL will come over and stay at our place for few days. umah my MIL dekat je, sungai buloh.. so, dapat lah gak rasa cam raya.. ada lah juga nanti rendang, nasi impit..

anyone here yg buat korban this year? bestnyerrr! me, myself ada gak satu bahagian (its sedekah from my grandmother - i call her mak.. time kasih, mak.) at my kampung, at my papa's side (kota bharu, kelantan), every raya haji memang meriah.. rite after lembu2 dah kena korban, then start lah acara pembahagian daging around the neighbourhood.. then, kitaorg akan bakar daging, cicah lak dgn air asam (specially made by my ciklong - my papa's sister).. perrgh!

last year, kitaorang wat akiqah untuk our little prince, Adam Dzarif.. since thisyear tak balik kampung, here i attached last year nyer pix.. adam dzarif baru 4mth+ masa ni.. enjoy!

Adam Dzarif with his great grandmother - ni lah mak

on the way back to kelantan, stop by at R&R lebuhraya timur-barat

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

congratulation, dear!

this entry specially dedicated to my beloved husband...
abang, congratulation for being promoted to the post that you aim for.. syukur ngan nikmat yg Tuhan bagi.. Alhamdulillah.. i know you work hard for this.. you're very dedicated to your work and now 'people's' recognise it. You deserve it, sayang; And, this is what 'old people' always say as 'rezeki anak' and i have to admit it, its so true..

-kronologi of what 'old people' meant as 'rezeki anak'... check this out!
my darling hubby started his job at this (one of the biggest IT company in Malaysia) when i was 7month pregnant, got his payrise & bonus when our adam dzarif at 1 yr old and now another promotion (with few % of pay rise plus extra benefits.. maybe not that much, but a single cent also can change our life, kan.. syukur! ) at our adam dzarif at 1yr 5mth old... amazingkan! Besar kuasa Tuhan...

Congratulation sayang!

Monday, December 17, 2007

shopping spree

sale! sale! sale is everywhere.. due to festive seasons; raya haji & cristmas plus there's year end sale & new year is coming so this is the 'tema' for the past week.. got myself few things (baju, make-up, perfume, handbags.. tq sayang!) , for my darling hubby (shirt, tie, jeans, perfume) and our little adam got this... new crib! and also few things lg...

adam dzarif's look-alike meter

hi all..

i'm so excited 'bout this meter thingy... why?? know what, all these while bila we're out for jalan2, shopping most people yg we met will said, adam mcm daddy dia kan.. or, sebijik daddy dia.. or, he look like you la fauzi... or, very mini daddy.. this because adam heritage his daddy's 'sepetness'.. but there's a few jugak say that adam more look like me.. yippie! actually, by right he more like me.. and this meter proved it!!!! yeay!

ok.. ok.. lah, whoever adam look-alike more doesn't matter actually, as long as adam terus membesar sihat, cergas, bijak, soleh... amin ... & insyaallah..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

he's now 1yr 5mth old!

adam dzarif,
times flies very fast, mummy still remember the first time when i hold you in my arms.. you are such an adorable baby.. so fragile.. but now, whenever we're in the supermarket; either mummy or daddy have to chase you around.. you'll run here and there like nobody's business.. you're very active, cute & smart boy.. dah besar anak mummy! but, bila pun.. at berapa pun your age you'll always be our little baby.. mummy and daddy love you sooooo much!

he's so darling...

(wearing daddy's kopiah matching with singlet-t.. :)
another thing, pls don't mind the background scene..
buat2 tak nampak je k..)

today this cutie little boy did something really cute (actually, whatever he does i always find it cute of course!).. while playing with his daddy who just returned home from a tiring day at work, 'azan maghrib' was on tv.. he quickly ran and grab daddy's 'kopiah' in our solat room a.k.a his playing room and place it on daddy's head! waaa... pandai anak mummy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

my lil' prince...


my little handsome prince was born on 12th July 2006. he was 7 days overdue!

4.2kg and 52cm height err.. length at birth


proudly announce... taraaaa.... i got my own blog site! yay! yeap, i know, kinda of 'katak bawah tempurung'.. org dah sampai to outerspace but i baru nak start blogging..! after all these while, dok blog hop other people's blog page, i finally makeup my mind & merajinkan diri.. so, here i am... myworldbylina...
ermm, what should i write... introduce myself??? naaa... you'll know me from time to time kay...