Wednesday, December 26, 2007

hoorey, hoorey.. its a holi.. holiday....

heyya peeps..
i'm going off to my hometown (taiping, perak) by this friday; couldn't wait! we'll stay over my parents house for about 5 days.. yeay! i'll update the interesting story from time to time ya..

for time being, here is what we're enjoying during our cristmas holiday.. went to alamanda, putrajaya.. no.. no more shopping (emm, accept for my darling hubby.. got himself a new pair of spectacles.. ! Pssttt, u look much younger & sporty with your new titus glasses, sayang!) then when of to MPH to get new book for adam.. he choose to buy 2 barney's books. he's so happy when he found it for the first time, he grab it from the rack, sit on the floor and start to flip it! how smart mummy's boy! for myself, i got this.. a novel... its "me & mr darcy-by alexandra potter", just finish chapter 5; and i found it not bad, quite funny.. will review it when i finish reading, kay..

adam with his new barney's book, cam org tengah fikir exam question, kan..
till then.., take care.. ta taa...

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david santos said...

I wish you a good end of 2007 and a good year of 2008.