Friday, January 4, 2008

happy new year 2008

new year with new hopes..
today is already january 4th, but i hope its not too late for me to wish everyone happy new year, may all have a blast and wonderful year ahead..
ermm, when it jump to another year, the most comman issue is 'new resolution' for the year... as for me nothing much i ask for; pray for good for me, my beloved family and everyone i loved. May Allah bless.. amin.

our journey-kl-taiping-kelantan-taiping

adam & mummy at one of the r&r, lebuhraya timur-barat

occay, i've told earlier that i'm going home to my hometown.. yup, we're (me, my hubby & cutie little adam, of course!) depart from kl around 9am, 29 december... stop for breakfast at dunkin donuts R&R tapah bout 1 hour.. nyumm nyumm... arrive at my parent place around 12+. my mum cook a wonderful 'nasi dagang' for lunch.. late noon, when to taiping tesco, bought my mum some groceries... get myself 'surat ungu untuk nuha-noor suraya' novel & adam as usual, choose his own collection.

next day, december 30th, bout, 10ish we start our journey to kelantan.. stop by few time.. reach jeli to meet my ayahsu & maksu (my dad's brother & sil). maksu berniaga at jeli R&R (from parking, on your right side-kedai paling hujung).

adam & daddy
from jeli, we headed straight to kb.. (exact place, kg pondok mahligai, melor) its my dad's place.. safely arrived around 6pm, call up my best cousin E to come over, (E is my ayahsu's son, still young, final yr in college, very well-mannered boy.. pendek kata bertuahlah sape dapat wat menantu!.. E, if you read this, siler bayar wang promosi ye.. ehekkss..). my gradma (the one i call her mak, there's my mak's pix in my previous entry-raya haji) house-boleh tahan besar, simple kampung house-not much furniture, so adam can run happily.. cute jer tengok adam terjengket2 kat tingkap, tengok ayam-itik-kucing kat bawah umah.. spend bout few hours there, then we have to go pasir mas (my mum's place) and spend our nite there. reach pasir mas around 11, bought 'satay'-the best satay in town-simpang 3, pasir mas.. makan ramai2, kebetulan ayahngah, makngah (my mum's bro & sil) & their on haris naufal pun ada.. bergelak-ketawa macam nak runtuh umah! actually my grandma & grandpa (call them mek & ayah), are not in good condition, mek is suffering for stroke while ayah ada astma.. but when tengok anak-cucu-cicit berkumpul nampak diaorang happy.. byrite, that's our job kan, while diaorang ada ni lah nak happy kan diaorang... isn't tough job pun- just pay them a visit, klu ada rezeki lebih sket hulur2 lah.. tu je..

little adam baru bangun tido, in front of ayah & mek's house
next morning, had our breakfast, ada nasi dagang, nasi kerabu & nasi berlauk.. sedap giler plus murah ya amat! pack our things, load it into our car.. and balik.. (doa2 panjang umur, boleh jumpa lagi.. amin..). stop to shoppe at rantau panjang.. takde apa nak dicari pun.. pricing wise, plus minus kl jerr.. i ask for bedsheet/comforter-its rm 90.. alaaaa, tambah sket jer, dah sama price my 'novelle' & 'aussino' bedsheet/comforter. so, endup nothing for myself.. just some keropok, beras pulut, gula2 asam jawa for my mil.. then, terus kan perjalanan... stop a while at my ayahsu & maksu's place.. stop lg at a few places... reach taiping at 6pm..
adam at his tokwan's house with rm 18 garfield-bought at rantau panjang
journey from taiping-sri manjung-kl
penat pun tak habis lagi, but, its time to go home.. around 12 noon, we start our journey.. we're using taiping-setiawan road since we're thinking of drop by at Pak uda & mak cik ju's (my hubby's uncle & aunt), place at sri manjung.. kebetulan their anak2 also there.. meriah! mak cik ju serve us with yummilicious ayam masak merah & ikan pekasam... thank you cik ju, nanti singgah lagi ye.. stay bout 2 hours there.. then, headed to teluk intan-sabak bernam-guthrie highway route... safely reach our home at 6pm.. home sweet home!
thats all for now.. till then, take care everyone..

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