Friday, January 25, 2008

25 jan 2005... how everything begin

"selamat ulangtahun ke-3 perkenalan"..

its only past 3 years but i feel like knowing you for ages! i love you more and more each day.. i enjoyed every moment we spent together.. i'll missing you like hell whenever you're not around.. i love your fresh smell.. i laugh to every of your jokes.. i adore your calmness & charisma... i'm worrying for your safety whenever you're out of my eyesight.. i feel jealous even its a phone call from your woman's officemate (ha ha.. i'm such a drama queen!)..

and this is how we met..
25 january 2005, i attended one event at concorde kl and apparently he's there too. we exchange a smile,(and business card!), have a simple chat, then.. thats all. somewhere middle of february he called me up and ask to meet up, we setlled at dome, klcc, since its nothing personal, more to business discussion, i bring along my officemate. afterthat simple conversation, i drove back to my office situated at usj. by late noon, i received a call from him ask me to have a 'teh tarik'! (waa.. dah ada orang start jatuh cinta kat i!) but, i refuse, since baru jumpa plus nothing to talk about and there's a tonne of workload on my table.. sorry! then, adalah a few time he call, just to say 'hi'.. until, end of march, he called up, ask me to follow him to his friend's wedding (can't remember the location.. tapah kot, maybe tanjung malim ke sungkai.. err,lebih kurang la tu..). pun i say 'no' cause i have to go home to my hometown (taiping) that week.. boleh pulak he said, its ok, let me tumpang coz i want visit my friend there, too.. so, ok.. followed him to his friend wedding (i'm blushing all the time.. malu jer kena usik), then headed to taiping, my parents place.. from the beginning, i know my parents started to like him.. dah petang, he ask my dad's permission nak tido situ (ha.. ha..!), rupa2nya that night he ask my parents nak kawin, terkejut sangat, iyelah, we're not lovey-dovey pun.. we just friend (not close friend, either.. baru kenal!) my dad say ok, but if you really nak, my dad taknak those merisik, engagement ceremony.. if you really serious with my daughter, make it that way.. terus kahwin. next day, he ajak my dad to taiping, went to kedai emas at jalan kota.. bought me a ring.. tq sayang! next day blk kl sama2.. he do he's work, me do mine.. takde dating2.. adalah, sekali.. we go out for movie, sepet.. (love this movie, among my fav malay movie ever!.. love syarifah amani!).. then, adalah two times keluar ramai2 with his friend, watch movie also.. tu jer.. sampai we tied the knot at 4th june 2005.. that's all.. very simple, no lovey-dovey-mushy dates, tu lah.. kuasa Allah, its fated, its our jodoh.. but what can i say, syukur sgt with what Allah fated for me..

thanks abang, for your sincere love, for loving me for what i am.. for everything.. 'ayang sayang abang sangat2! moga jodoh kita sepanjang hayat... amin.

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