Sunday, January 13, 2008

18mth boy - updated version

hi all... as promise i'll let everybody know what happen to my baby boy today (during his 18mth immunisation jap).. so, here is the story for today..
our appointment with adam's paed is late noon, so we plan to bring this little boy jalan2 for a while. we went off to jusco, equine.. reach jusco around 3, adam started to run happily.. then, bring him to kfc.. adam loves 'kfc's butter bun' so much.. at a 'good' time, he manage to finish 2 buns! registred 'kfc's chicky club' membership for him.. (mcdonald dah ade, now kfc nyer lak..), plus adam get stationery set as a gift for being member... yeay!
at kfc, jusco equine

after finish eating, then le him play at the 'games' centre lak.. spend about 30minutes there.

then, we move on to magazine shop. he bougt 1 disney magazine... let him sit in his buggy, terus flip over his mag sambil senyum..

straight to ground floor, buy his mamypoko diaper, 1 bottle of cordial & 2 nos of broccoli..

inside doctor's room
sampai je, he started his routine.. run around! run here, run there without bottered other people. when his turn, i ask him to go inside doc's room and he's so happy bcoz there's new space for him to explore.. check up everything, alhamdulillah, adam sihat & kuat! timbang his berat, he's now 12kg... then, doc ask to dukung him, spray the ubat... dia dah senyum coz its cold.. then, terus inject.. and again, alhamdulillah he's ok.. smile all the way! smart boy! after this, his immunisation would be at 7 yrs old, insyallah. so, takde aperpun, mummy dier yg extra worry.. drama queen! he.. he..

in front of doctor's room

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