Wednesday, January 9, 2008

weekend & books...

hi all..

i know its kinda late posting, due to my 'health problem' early this week.. nothing serious.. but now, alhamdulillah.. i'm fully recovered.

back to my story mory, can find any relation between this two? of course, you do! last saturday we went to sunway pyramid, didn't plan to buy anything.. just some groceries (i usually shop my groceries at jusco), window shoppe (sayang, jc watch to santekkk la!!) & bawak adam dzarif jalan2.. reach s pyramid around two, then terus g makan.. can't remember the cafe's name.. 'something' kopitiam.. but i must say the 'old style' nasi lemak.. walla! bring back the old memories-zaman naik bas skolah kuning-fragrant nasi lemak-wrapped with banana leaves.. yummy! (see, biler la nak kurus camni!!)

after makan2, headed to our fav place, mph.. again, adam dzarif will run around while finding his favourite book.. myself lak will chase him around.. this time he choose to buy, 1,2,3 slide & learn book. normally, after he satisfied with the one he choose (normally will take more than 1/2 hour!), i'll said, "let's pay for it at the counter.. ", then, he'll straight run to the counter and terjengket2 hulurkan his book! comel!! dpt 10% off since he's the member of 'mph kidz club'.. he.. he.. (actually, dah quite sometime we became mph member).

continue jalan2, then ternampak lak popular bookstore, wow! bigger comparered to mph & best part, they offer 20% discount for members (only to the selected one).. byk chic-lit with this ofer! yippie! so, i register myself as a member..

after that, bought our groceries at jusco and balik!

adam & his books
talk bout books, so far alhamdulillah adam really show his attention & loves to books.. we started with 'lamaze cloth material' book, a few 'cloth type' book from mph since.. ermm, newborn! at 3mth, we bought him 'mini library-disney's collection book..and his book collection grew.. his mini library (2 layer rack) dah almost full (whenever free, i'll snap the pix). he loves to read, sometimes my accounting book, my women's weekly, pa&ma mag, my novel's collection, daddy's management's book, motivation book, cars & engines mags, astro's guide, brosures, pamplets.. everything! he'll 'study it' cam faham2 jer.. :) and now, bangun tido jer terus cari buku! here some of the piccas!

dec 06-bout 5mth old-mph 'cloth type book'

feb 07-mesti semua bedsheet-duvet-tengah basuh! he's reading-pooh's book

12 july o7- his 1st b'day, that morning bw birthday boy to mph alamanda
at nite baru wat cake cutting ceremony (since he born at 7.o7pm)

aug 07-excited over pop-up book

aug 07-choose he's own pizza!

sept 07

oct 07 - ayoyo.. sepah giler! his playroom..

dec 07-read over 'mari belajar solat cara lelaki'.. full of concentration, kan!
ok peeps.. thanks for reading, do come again...
see ya..
to all muslim friends & blog's reader, selamat menyambut tahun baru-awal muharam-maal hijrah..

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