Saturday, January 26, 2008



what a good weekend, thats all i can say for today's outing. after zohor pray, we went out. first, we went to bandar sunway.. teman my husband to settle a few things. then, plan to buy some meat for this week stock. thought of jusco sunway pyramid, but... ermm, way too jammed! we ended going to giant kinrara. bought our meat stock and 'moo'-wall's ice-cream. best part is, adam got 'mr moo'... and he's so happy with it.
comelkan mr moo!

after beli2 all stuffs, perut dah start starving.. so, our dining place for today is.. 'secret recipe'. i ate 'chicken lasagna', 'irish lamb stew' chosen by beloved hubby and our little adam dzarif had 'chocolate cheese cake'. comel ya amat, seing my baby boy eating cake using desert fork.. pandai!

"these look so yummy la mummy"

nyam, nyam..yummy!
only this much left! the balance mummy & daddy ya tolong habiskan!
kay all, time to sign off... take care everyone...

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