Friday, February 29, 2008

adam dzarif, my darling boy

hi everyone,

yesterday, after my husband coming home from work, dia pun ajak pegi kedai.. we went to speedmart (nearby mini market) and bought few things. bread, nuttella, strawberry jam, milo wafer bar, longan dalam tin, tisu, mini magnum icecream, icecream potong-durian& kacang merah, mini chipsmore, vsoy, orange peel fresh, vitagen.... before we went off, stop at kfc (take away jer..). sampai je rumah my darling boy pun ternampak magnum icecream and dah sibuk ask me to open it for him... tengok lah...

dah comot boboy mummy....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

minggu ke-7

bayi anda
fetus kini berukuran 1.3cm. Lubang hidung, bibir, lidah dan giginya dalam proses pembentukan. manakala kaki dan lengannya kian berkembang. dalam pada itu, tulang belakang, usus dan otak hampir terbentuk sepenuhnya.

tubuh anda
anda mungkin berasa pening (urghh! teramat sangat & it takes whole day!!) ataupun pengsan (alhamdulillah, tak..) jika anda berdiri terlalu lama. Selain itu jika anda berada dalam keadaan sesak, anda juga mungkin berkeadaan begini. anda juga turut mudah berasa letih. jadi pastikan anda mendapat rehat yg secukupnya.

*sumber 40 minggu nan indah terbitan karangkraf

Sunday, February 24, 2008

makan2 @ alamanda putrajaya..

yesterday pegi jalan2 cari makan @ alamanda..

sejak pregnant ni, i belum penah masak.. dah try but... urghh, just cannot.. i cant stand all the smells.. sorry! so, everyday my husband akan tapau from outside.. thank you, abang.. everyday bersusah payah to fulfill 'the list' that im craving for.. he he.. i love you, lah! lucky, this time around.. tekak amatlah 'melayu'.. nak pun, asam pedas, tomyam, sambal tumis ikan bilis, nasi dagang (should blame my dear besfren ude, ), nasi minyak (mengelabah my darl cari kat pasar malam!).. not like adam's time.. very 'mat salleh'.. everyday makan mcd cheeseburger, pizza, salad, lasagna.. he he.. everyday ada jer 'brader2' delivery sampai in front of my house!!!

since yesterday rasa nak makan asam pedas, rasa foodcourt alamanda (the first kedai nasi campur, from right..) is the place to go.. yummy! then jalan2 masuk clarks cari new pair of sandal for adam, but takde latest design pun.. tak beli.. aussino ada sale.. but, tak beli.. since aritu dah beli.. then makan almondfudge baskinrobbin icecream.. adam dah nak jalan2 kat toycity, bought 1 vw toureg car (he's now really into cars collection)... then my hubby nak makan burger.. makan lagi at a&w, i just had 3pcs of a&w chic nugget plus hazelnut lecka lecka icecream & famousamos double choc cookies! i purposely coloured it in green.. tengok berapa banyak i ate yesterday!

my boy dah penat jalan dlm toycity, thats his
latest car colection - vw toureg in green

thats all... ta taaa....

news on Valentine's Day...

i'm not celebrate it.. just a sms from my husband earlier that day says, "abang sayang yang sangat2 tak kira hari apa pun"... sweet kan.. at least for me..

for past week, i just like tak sedap badan... asyik nak throw up, pening, slightly fever... so, that nite i bought pregnancy test kit... and the result... yeap! the 'thing' that on my mind is true... make a call to my gynae at KPMC but she's no longer there.., she's moved to COLUMBIA-ASIA HOSPITAL, PUCHONG... sukernyer saya coz that new hospital amatlah cantik.. kejap promote my gynae's webbie silerlah check...

on saturday, went for my first MATERNITY check-up.. i'm 5weeks pregnant. scan dah nampak that 'little baby' still attach to egg.. (during adam, masa 2 1/2mth baru realize that im preggy, scan masa tu adam dah bergerak2 tak reti duduk diam... till now, tak reti duduk diam!)

started taken my folic & caltrade calsium pills... so guys, pray for me, pray with me... semuanya selamat sampai bersalin.. tolong doakan dapat baby girl ye.. (very konsisten mengaji surah maryam nih!!)..

such a wonderful news kan....

1yr 7mth old....

12 feb 2008, my darling boy turns 1yr 7mth old...

Monday, February 18, 2008

past two weeks...

quite sometime i didnt update my blog.. due to a reason... (i'll let everyone's know it later.. or maybe in another update, boleh?)

these all the activities starting on chinese new year '08 day till ..... tengoklah..

chinese new year
just hanging around at sunway pyramid, best tak ramai orang and quite of number kedai yg bukak..

cny decor @ sunway pyramid

lunchie @ carls jr
minum petang @..... cant remember had ice cendol & cucur udang
popular books store, bought 2 cds for little adam, -bo starter pack
mag for daddy adam & cleo, womens weekly mags for mummy
padini sleeveless-t & swimming short for adam, polo tees for daddy..
mummy didnt buy anything.. tukang pilihkan ajer..!

8 feb - 10 feb 2008 - concorde hotel, shah alam
we spent 3 days 2 nights there, why shah alam? naa, no spesific reason.. first thought of genting, but our fav hotel (genting hotel) is fully booked.. its cny tough.. enjoy every moment here, bawak my dear adam mandi swimming pool.., berendam kat bath tub... makan... makan... & makan...
masjid shah alam from level 6 hotel's room
breakfast in bed, surprise by darling hubby...
my little precious one, mandi sampai taknak naik..
buah hati saya....

Thursday, February 7, 2008

x-box 360 in da house...

yesterday, my darling husband brought this home... i know, dah lama he eyeing for the sony psp.. eventhough this x-b0x much more expensive than sony psp.. but its ok, as long as abg happy, sayang pun happy.. enjoy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


last monday i received this parcel.. contain 2 novels that i bid from ebay last week. consider very cheap even after the courier charge..

and yesterday another parcel arrived, its dvd portable. byrite, my husband to plan to buy this for our beloved adam dzarif as his birthday present (its july 12, 5 mth to go..), but while browsing through ebay, saw this at a very reasonable price.

specially for adam dzarif.. next time, gi holiday can bring this along. nanti mummy buy you, teletubbies, elmo's world, sesame street's vcd kay..

i think there's another parcel will arrive today, hopefully.. will update later when i receive it..


see, that post note from poslaju.. aaaaa, maybe when it arrive i kat toilet, mandikan adam dzarif.. sedih. that parcel should be for adam..
at 3pm, i saw this note stick at my front gate.. hati dah rasa tak best.. read everything, then made a call to my husband.. told him everything.. bla.. bla.. then, my husband ask for the address & phone number.. after a while my husband called me..
husband: sayang, abang call that pusat serahan pos-puchong, but they said our parcel not there.. maybe monday..
me: how can, clearly stated here.. 'your item sent to... bla bla..'
husband: the parcel is from shah alam, after they sent everything in our area, they'll back to shah alam till next day baru hantar puchong..
me: ala, abang pegi la shah alam jap...
husband: the problem is, counter close at 5, but the delivery guy tak sure come back to his office at what time.. maybe 5, maybe 6.. depend to berapa banyak parcel he have to sent... sayang sabar sampai monday kay..
me: ala...
thats the conversation & conclusion.. i have to wait till monday...
tak best la camni...

Monday, February 4, 2008

gi sungai buluh...

on sunday morning, we had nasi lemak & roti canai. my husband tapau from 1 mamak shop and we have it at home since adam still finely sleeeping.. once he wakeup terus ask him to breakfast with us.. at first feed him with plain nasi lemak, after 5 spoons he started to pull the roti canai from the table.. just give him a try.. makan la jugak bout 6 small pieces..

adam, his first bite of roti canai

about 12noon, we went to my mil's place at saujana utama, sg buluh.. pretty near bcoz of guthrie highway.. take my mil to nearby supermarket to buy her groceries. then, dine at kfc.. adam dah sleep masa ni.. just take away 1 piece of kfc butter bun for my beloved boy..
in his crib.. tido masa kat kfc
thats all for now.. thanks for visiting..
take care...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

ancasa hotel, kl

happy weekends to all,

this my story for today, around 11ish we're out from home.. gi kl just to accompany my husband yg ada keje sket.. quite heavy traffic.. ialah everyone catch up for a last minute cny shopping & sales. after my husband finished his work, terus nak cari tempat makan.. passing by in front of pudu-jammed like urghhh....! plus the access road to chinatown ditutup.. means there's only 1 road yg leh digunapakai-nyampah-and i'm sooooo starving! nampak lah ancasa hotel (the one beside pudu busstation), so we ended dine there.. (actually, before this dah makan kat sini-but its before my baby boy ada).. the hi-tea buffet is not bad at all, dah lah veryyy cheap.. the buffet line amat ok, at least for me & my family la.. my adam dzarif makan a bowl of spagetti carbonara, 1/2 piece of jacket potato & a slice of choc brownies.. berselera betul anak mummy makan.. yippie! after refuel our stomach tank.. terus balik.

ancasa hotel, kuala lumpur

adam & daddy, both in gap's polo-t

arrived at puchong area, stop by at tesco for a while, my hubby nak cari a few things. bought adam mcd's happy meal coz dapat hotwheels (burger & fries daddy yg makan!).. then, terus balik umah..

see baju dah tukar coz yg tadi dah comot-bz with his
mcd's hotwheels

makan m&m minis..

that all my rantings for today.. esok we'll go to my mils's place.. lama adam tak jumpa his nenek.
take care everyone..

jalan-jalan 'hari wilayah'...

the smile that melts my heart... always. sayang
adam sangat2!
'selamat menyambut hari wilayah' to all.. since my hubby is on his public holiday, we're plan to go out for jalan2..
at first my hubby said like 'lets go to midvalley-we never been to the garden before..
but i say, no, tq sayang, today its a public holiday to kl people and cny is around the corner, mesti mv crowded and cramped with people..
after gives a thought, kitaorg pegi sunway pyramid. our first intention is only bring our beloved little boy jalan2 and did our groceries shopping. but, we ended with... clarks sandal for dear hubby, a pair of crocs sassari sandal in grey & black, 1 pair of cleef flip flop, malay novel 'aa+bb' by hlovate, cleo mags (cleo, her world & women's weekly, i can say is my monthly fashion doses) for myself,
while 2 pair of marks&spencer jeans for my lil prince, adam dzarif.
loads of veges', chicken-meat-fish-prawn(very cheap at jusco, 50% off!)-lamb, groceries, a month supplement of mamy poko & mamy poko pants... dah, tu jer..
ok, lets citer bout makan lak, first makan 1901.. waaa, since ages i didn't have a bite of 1901.. sedap! then, jalan2, shopping then had plate of pasta at pizza hut, sambung2 jalan & shops, had a cold nice coffee at 'can't remember what' kopitiam + makan pizza yg di tapau before... settle with everything.. balik..!
safely arrive home, my darling buka mulut, "sayang, abang nak makan nasi ngan lamb
yg macam sayang slalu buat tu," eheh.. agaknya whole day that jumpa nasi.. terus masak nasi, sambal sardin, simple sayur goreng & 'lamb yg macam sayang selalu masak tu..' puas hati tengok husband makan..
aha, at the i'm writing this, i'd finish my 'aa+bb'.. best sgt.. love her writing (hlovate-the writer-i mean), i can smile, laugh, cry at the same time.. ada byk ilmu juga..
k.. sleepyhead!
take care...

new tees..

yesterday which is thursday, about 9pm my darling husband ajak us to go out to bought our sweetie adam's mamy poko stock.. at first, thought of jusco equine but since its already 9+.. we just made ourselves to giant puchong.. sampai je, adam gives his signal-nak running around, so head up 1st floor, there's a bookshop there.. adam bought 1 ABC/123 book & a pen! ye tuan2 & puan2, nowadays kalau masuk bookshop he'll pick a book compliment with 1 pen! myself bought -laughter the best malaysian-compiled & written by david tong. kelakar! settled with that, turn tu groundfloor, my husband dah start eyeing on watches shop (ye tuan2 & puan2 my darling suker beli jam & 'terhilang' jam), so he bought 1 pair of casio, ok lah not super expensive pun, then we stop by at hush puppies outlet bought myself 1 tee & 2 tees for adam- one is red & another 1 is choc. masuk giant, beli2 baran & balik... lupa, adam also got himself feb issue of disney magazine..

sambung esok k.. taaa taaa...