Sunday, February 24, 2008

news on Valentine's Day...

i'm not celebrate it.. just a sms from my husband earlier that day says, "abang sayang yang sangat2 tak kira hari apa pun"... sweet kan.. at least for me..

for past week, i just like tak sedap badan... asyik nak throw up, pening, slightly fever... so, that nite i bought pregnancy test kit... and the result... yeap! the 'thing' that on my mind is true... make a call to my gynae at KPMC but she's no longer there.., she's moved to COLUMBIA-ASIA HOSPITAL, PUCHONG... sukernyer saya coz that new hospital amatlah cantik.. kejap promote my gynae's webbie silerlah check...

on saturday, went for my first MATERNITY check-up.. i'm 5weeks pregnant. scan dah nampak that 'little baby' still attach to egg.. (during adam, masa 2 1/2mth baru realize that im preggy, scan masa tu adam dah bergerak2 tak reti duduk diam... till now, tak reti duduk diam!)

started taken my folic & caltrade calsium pills... so guys, pray for me, pray with me... semuanya selamat sampai bersalin.. tolong doakan dapat baby girl ye.. (very konsisten mengaji surah maryam nih!!)..

such a wonderful news kan....

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