Saturday, February 2, 2008

ancasa hotel, kl

happy weekends to all,

this my story for today, around 11ish we're out from home.. gi kl just to accompany my husband yg ada keje sket.. quite heavy traffic.. ialah everyone catch up for a last minute cny shopping & sales. after my husband finished his work, terus nak cari tempat makan.. passing by in front of pudu-jammed like urghhh....! plus the access road to chinatown ditutup.. means there's only 1 road yg leh digunapakai-nyampah-and i'm sooooo starving! nampak lah ancasa hotel (the one beside pudu busstation), so we ended dine there.. (actually, before this dah makan kat sini-but its before my baby boy ada).. the hi-tea buffet is not bad at all, dah lah veryyy cheap.. the buffet line amat ok, at least for me & my family la.. my adam dzarif makan a bowl of spagetti carbonara, 1/2 piece of jacket potato & a slice of choc brownies.. berselera betul anak mummy makan.. yippie! after refuel our stomach tank.. terus balik.

ancasa hotel, kuala lumpur

adam & daddy, both in gap's polo-t

arrived at puchong area, stop by at tesco for a while, my hubby nak cari a few things. bought adam mcd's happy meal coz dapat hotwheels (burger & fries daddy yg makan!).. then, terus balik umah..

see baju dah tukar coz yg tadi dah comot-bz with his
mcd's hotwheels

makan m&m minis..

that all my rantings for today.. esok we'll go to my mils's place.. lama adam tak jumpa his nenek.
take care everyone..

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