Monday, February 4, 2008

gi sungai buluh...

on sunday morning, we had nasi lemak & roti canai. my husband tapau from 1 mamak shop and we have it at home since adam still finely sleeeping.. once he wakeup terus ask him to breakfast with us.. at first feed him with plain nasi lemak, after 5 spoons he started to pull the roti canai from the table.. just give him a try.. makan la jugak bout 6 small pieces..

adam, his first bite of roti canai

about 12noon, we went to my mil's place at saujana utama, sg buluh.. pretty near bcoz of guthrie highway.. take my mil to nearby supermarket to buy her groceries. then, dine at kfc.. adam dah sleep masa ni.. just take away 1 piece of kfc butter bun for my beloved boy..
in his crib.. tido masa kat kfc
thats all for now.. thanks for visiting..
take care...

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