Saturday, February 2, 2008

new tees..

yesterday which is thursday, about 9pm my darling husband ajak us to go out to bought our sweetie adam's mamy poko stock.. at first, thought of jusco equine but since its already 9+.. we just made ourselves to giant puchong.. sampai je, adam gives his signal-nak running around, so head up 1st floor, there's a bookshop there.. adam bought 1 ABC/123 book & a pen! ye tuan2 & puan2, nowadays kalau masuk bookshop he'll pick a book compliment with 1 pen! myself bought -laughter the best malaysian-compiled & written by david tong. kelakar! settled with that, turn tu groundfloor, my husband dah start eyeing on watches shop (ye tuan2 & puan2 my darling suker beli jam & 'terhilang' jam), so he bought 1 pair of casio, ok lah not super expensive pun, then we stop by at hush puppies outlet bought myself 1 tee & 2 tees for adam- one is red & another 1 is choc. masuk giant, beli2 baran & balik... lupa, adam also got himself feb issue of disney magazine..

sambung esok k.. taaa taaa...

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