Wednesday, February 6, 2008


last monday i received this parcel.. contain 2 novels that i bid from ebay last week. consider very cheap even after the courier charge..

and yesterday another parcel arrived, its dvd portable. byrite, my husband to plan to buy this for our beloved adam dzarif as his birthday present (its july 12, 5 mth to go..), but while browsing through ebay, saw this at a very reasonable price.

specially for adam dzarif.. next time, gi holiday can bring this along. nanti mummy buy you, teletubbies, elmo's world, sesame street's vcd kay..

i think there's another parcel will arrive today, hopefully.. will update later when i receive it..


see, that post note from poslaju.. aaaaa, maybe when it arrive i kat toilet, mandikan adam dzarif.. sedih. that parcel should be for adam..
at 3pm, i saw this note stick at my front gate.. hati dah rasa tak best.. read everything, then made a call to my husband.. told him everything.. bla.. bla.. then, my husband ask for the address & phone number.. after a while my husband called me..
husband: sayang, abang call that pusat serahan pos-puchong, but they said our parcel not there.. maybe monday..
me: how can, clearly stated here.. 'your item sent to... bla bla..'
husband: the parcel is from shah alam, after they sent everything in our area, they'll back to shah alam till next day baru hantar puchong..
me: ala, abang pegi la shah alam jap...
husband: the problem is, counter close at 5, but the delivery guy tak sure come back to his office at what time.. maybe 5, maybe 6.. depend to berapa banyak parcel he have to sent... sayang sabar sampai monday kay..
me: ala...
thats the conversation & conclusion.. i have to wait till monday...
tak best la camni...

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