Monday, December 17, 2007

adam dzarif's look-alike meter

hi all..

i'm so excited 'bout this meter thingy... why?? know what, all these while bila we're out for jalan2, shopping most people yg we met will said, adam mcm daddy dia kan.. or, sebijik daddy dia.. or, he look like you la fauzi... or, very mini daddy.. this because adam heritage his daddy's 'sepetness'.. but there's a few jugak say that adam more look like me.. yippie! actually, by right he more like me.. and this meter proved it!!!! yeay!

ok.. ok.. lah, whoever adam look-alike more doesn't matter actually, as long as adam terus membesar sihat, cergas, bijak, soleh... amin ... & insyaallah..

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