Tuesday, December 18, 2007

congratulation, dear!

this entry specially dedicated to my beloved husband...
abang, congratulation for being promoted to the post that you aim for.. syukur ngan nikmat yg Tuhan bagi.. Alhamdulillah.. i know you work hard for this.. you're very dedicated to your work and now 'people's' recognise it. You deserve it, sayang; And, this is what 'old people' always say as 'rezeki anak' and i have to admit it, its so true..

-kronologi of what 'old people' meant as 'rezeki anak'... check this out!
my darling hubby started his job at this (one of the biggest IT company in Malaysia) when i was 7month pregnant, got his payrise & bonus when our adam dzarif at 1 yr old and now another promotion (with few % of pay rise plus extra benefits.. maybe not that much, but a single cent also can change our life, kan.. syukur! ) at our adam dzarif at 1yr 5mth old... amazingkan! Besar kuasa Tuhan...

Congratulation sayang!

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