Tuesday, November 30, 2010

OSIM uMist

uMist -The ultrasonic humidifier

The OSIM uMist uses ultrasonic technology to generate cool, fine mist that humidifies your room more effectively, preventing dryness in the air.

The uMist also produces negative ions that remove dust and other suspended impurities to improve air quality. With a large capacity water tank that enables 14 hours of continuous usage on 1 full tank, 2 emission speeds, and a safety feature that switches off the humidifier when the water tank is empty, the uMist is the ideal humidifier for every home and office.

*ini bukan iklan berbayar ye, tuan punya blog yg baru beli ni*


Joy said...

mesti nyaman aja rumah u ;)

linahilmin said...

joy, kata boleh elakkan dpt flu sbb dia clean air & kurangkan humid klu aircond room, tu yg try beli gak tu.