Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The strength of mindset

A daughter complains toward the father, everything is difficult.

She finds it hard to cope with life, seem a problem just resolve, the new problem appeared again, she was tired.

Her father is a cook, bring her into the kitchen.

He goes toward first to pour into some waters in 3 pots, then puts on the fire.

Soon, water boiling.

He put some carrots in the first pot, put an egg into the second pot, put some coffee powder into the third pot.

20 minutes later, father off the fire, take out the carrot. Go to the second pot, take out the egg, and then ladling up the coffee to a cup.

The father turned to ask his daughter:

'Kid, what do you come in sight of?'

Carrot, egg, coffeeShe says.

He lets her come closer to touch the carrot.

She noticed the carot become soft.

The father lets the daughter take the egg, breaking it, peel the egg shell, this is a cooked egg.

Last, the father lets her drink a mouthful of coffee.

Taste to the very thick coffee, the daughter smile, she asked:

'Father, what does this mean?'

The father says three things face same adverse circumstances
- boiling water.

But its reflection is not same.

The carrot, before put in to the pot, it is strong and hard, after putting into the boiled water, it become soft, become weak.

The egg is originally crumbly, the very thin outer shell protects the internal organs of the liquid, once the boiled water cook, the internal organs become hard.

The coffee bean powder then is very special, entering boiling water, they changed the water then.

We can learn how carrot, egg and coffee bean react in the difficulties and adverse circumstances. They can accept defeat, can become stronger, and even can change environment/surrounding.

The father says:
1. Your cannot change the environment, but can change yourself;

2. Your cannot change the fact, but can change an attitude;

Your cannot change the past, but can change the present;

You have no command over others, but can control yourself;

You can't predict tomorrow, but can hold on today;

You can't be doing smooth and well in everything,
but can devote your best effort;

You can't change weather, but can change a mood;

You can't change facial appearance, but can emerge with smiling face;

Yes, the mindset sometimes is important compares with others.

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