Monday, March 3, 2008



happy monday morning everyone! i had such a wonderful weekends and this is what i were doing ..

went to my mil house, took her tesco shah alam; bought her groceries... and ours too. makan2 then terus send her back. penat & pening sangat! saya sempat throw up dlm kereta... yurksss! stop by at guthrie highway, tapau samuri's satay... we arrive home bout 11pm & adam alreadey fall asleep...

ngantukkk, tak sedar pun daddy angkat!

went to sunway pyramid (sounds like every weekend i'm off to sunway pyramid kan.. ) beli few things utk adam, buy groceries (read; soya bean packet drinks, juices, fruits, mamy poko- one month stock...) at jusco, bought mummy's maternity pants... best! makan at arena foodcourt coz dah ternampak pulut kuning with chicken rendang... sedap sangat! (no pic, laparrrr sgt! lol)

sampai je terus dapat balloon ..

aussino bedsheet for adam dzarif sayang..

pooh classic collection's bolster. comel kan bedsheet,
speed car...

mickey mouse playhouse book.. (mph tengah sale!!! but mummy
didn't buy anything there; bz kejar adam!) yummy donuts, satu dah makan dlm kereta!
before balik sempat singgah tesco puchong, bought 'minyak telon' utk adam & tapau 'noraini's laksa penang'.. sedap oooo...
thats all for now.. see ya!

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