Thursday, March 6, 2008

Adam oh Adam...


ni citer bout my anak manja.. u know what, lately ni my darling boy adam dzarif sukerrrr sangat bite his bottle air kosong teat (he didn't bites his botol susu..).. i think because of one set of gigi geraham nak keluar.. pity him. last month, we've change 4 teats.. and this month dah start 1.. last week, masa pegi sunway pyramid most of the places don't have stock.. adoii! so, yesterday lepas my hubby balik keje we rushed to Alamanda to get it.. lucky ada stock kat mothercare..
see, horror kan...
the price has gone up, from rm19.90 and now rm22.90
after we got his teats, terus headed to parkson.. i need to get something for my mum.. her 48th birthday is nextweek and she'll be here this weekend.. yeay! rindu sangat kat mummy and papa..
a little something for my beloved mum
while i'm choosing my mum's birthday pressie, adam busy run around.. he saw elmo, and terus nak (ala, forgot to take elmo's pic!).. so now, adam dah ada 2 elmos, 1 ernie, 1 cookie monster.... ermm, where can i get big bird ye? anyone? try to cari, tak jumpa laa..
me got this for myself, its maternity top from precious moment.. sukerr..
comel kan top ni...
stop by at famous amos to buy 1 packet of double choc cookies, & lecka lecka icecream.. & had dinner at Rasa foodcourt..
mummy adam's dinner- nasi kerabu with gulai ikan tongkol
nasi dagang... sedap!
adam, enjoying his oreo's lecka lecka icecream..
okay then.. nak start tidy up my home... can't wait tunggu my mum & dad... yippie!
take care peeps...

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