Thursday, March 13, 2008

my friends..

this entry is dedicated to 3 dearie friends of mine..

zana - she's the greatest friend i ever had. bertuah sangat whoever yg jadi kawan dia.. she's so kind, the one yg can be trusted, amat pemaaf, we can cry & laugh together.. kenal zana since mula2 datang kl, back in year 2000. we stay at the same house, sewa sama2. shared our ups & down together.. she's the first to know every 'happy' moment happen in my life. now she's mother of 2 adorable kids; tisya & thaqif. zana, kalau awak read this.. saya sayang awak!

ude - want to know her, here . ude terer masak. kitaorg studied at the same school since form 3, same class infact (proud to be convent girls!).. sampai form 5, still in the same class... masa form till college, there's a time yg kitaorg gaduh2 manja! adoiiii... lawak kalau diingatkan! but, time changes... sekarang, ude lah the one yg saya slalu call bertanya khabar.. ude, aku sayang ko... aku tau ko baca ni! cepat dapat baby girl, kata nak berbesan ngan aku!

are'na - ibu to hensem akid anaqi.. her link; (sedapkan nama her fp..), knowing her masa college. she's my classmate & housemate. lasttime, not that close.. but now, once a week mesti call tanya khabar are'na & family.. shared every infos about our darling baby.. rindu are'na sangat.. teringin nak jumpa..

these all about my 3 bestfriends.. thanks korang for being such a wonderful friends of mine..
hope korang dimurahkan rezeki, panjang umur, sihat sejahtera selalu.. & dapat anak ramai2!!!

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