Wednesday, March 10, 2010

shampoo yang murah tapi best

Kao Feather : soft & smooth shampoo

i'm never loyal to a specific brand when it come to shampoo. asyik bertukar, dari satu shampoo ke satu shampoo. last month, i bought this; koa feather soft & smooth shampoo. wah, memang best la.. edisi guna jari pun boleh... memang rambut jadi shining & lembut! best best! dah lah skrg ni musim panas, kita lak bertudung... everytime bukak tudung mesti rasa tak best... tp bila guna shampoo ni, biarpun dah bertudung seharian, berpeluh2 tapi rambut still bau wangi. serius ni, tak tipu! dah lah harganya sangat2 murah!

"Nourishes, makes your hair soft & smooth"
Feather Nature plus Soft & Smooth with Honey & Royal Jelly cleanses and nourishes normal to dry hair, leaving it soft and smooth. Its extra soft and smooth formula moisturises and enhances healthy hair conditions. For maximum results use with Feather Soft & Smooth conditioner.
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Nurul Diana@Mama Adam + Aidil said...

bleh try nanti .. bab rambut yg gugur byk skrg nie tensiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ;-(

Anonymous said...

tau. pernah guna dulu. tp selang seli dgn mcm² jenis. pantene pun ok

Hezesuze said...

wah! haruss mencuba nie....huhu
thanks 4 the infor lina...

Keratin shampoo and conditioners said...

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