Sunday, July 6, 2008

one utama

last week, june 28 we went to ou.. our main intention is to meet my brother and pass him the things that my hubby bought him from hong kong... meet up at 'heavenly thai'..

azry, my only sibling..

adam main2 with 'waterchesnut in coconut milk' - nama nyer lain sebenarnya, tp lebih kurang arrr

i had rice with spicy chicken with basil leaves, hubby & my bro with pineapple fried rice, there's also thai green curry & pandan chicken... yummy!

my new crocs - mary jane's in white.. amatlah comfy utk ibu2 mengandung!

ada barang lain yg dibeli, but i'll only share it in other entry... :)
ta taaa....

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