Monday, July 21, 2008

makan2 @ bibiwok thai bbq & steambot

yesterday we when to bibiwok thai bbq & steambot restaurant for our dinner. Its located at Bandar Puteri Puchong (beside Bumbu bali restaurant). Really loves the ambience & id inside it.. very cozy..
the restaurant... leh duduk kat kerusi or duduk bawah ala jepun..

my darling boy, adam really enjoy the food yesterday..

chit chatting with mummy while waiting for food..
dalam pot tu for the steambot, can choose either chicken soup or tomyam soup.. ours is chicken soup..
amek set for two.. tu pun dah kenyang sangat2!

the waiter tengah put some butter at the pan grill... (mintak izin letak pic kat blog ye..)
tengah grill.. sedappp!!!
overall amatlah puas hati.. reasonable price for a tasty food.. yummy!
ps: diam tak diam this is my 100 postings.. wah! rajin juga diriku ini.. hu hu...


Diana@Mama Adam Mukhriz said...

wah mcm menarik tmpt tue .. sure best .. lina camner nk kesana .. bg direction leh ... he..he.. dah lama x mkn steamboat ;-)

Delia said...

dulu i suka sgt makan camni..but it was a japanese restaurant..boleh grill and steambot! heheh
anyway, suka nama your son Dzariff! =)
rajin2 drop by my blog at k? new and authentic stuff from US coz that's where i am at the moment. post up more entries on food! rindunyer makan2 kat m'sia!