Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i miss you, abang...

my darling hubby was away for a week.. thats why he sending me, here.. at my parents place. last sunday, around 4+ he drove back to kl and catch up monday morning flight to his destination. he'll be back to kl on thurdays, late noon.. hopefully, by friday after his office hours, he can come over here.. rindu laaa...

normally, kalau he's away for outstation & im staying at my home, takde lah rasa sedih sangat.. (adalah sket, takkanlah tak langsung, sah2 husband kan!), but kalau im here at my parents place mesti rasa lain macam.. extra sedih & extra rindu.. rasa cam jauh je... everytime he called, airmata mesti turun.. adoii!

abang, wat keje elok2, jaga diri, ingat sayang & anak selalu kay..
sayang rindu abang sangat2..

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